Aarhus Capital of Culture 2017

HollyWoodge is evaluated in the form of a Think-Say-Do Book, which is intended as a methodology development of the way we evaluate. It consists of an interactive pdf, with videos about the different steps in the process, methods and insights based on:

• What did we think?

• What did we say?

• What did we do?

Hollywoodge was a method development project that used the method of cross pollination in the implementation and "constructive design research" to gather knowledge about culture and employment. This study method uses the unique insights that come from a development process and require a transparent review and evaluation of the process. Therefore, this kind of evaluation is a sensible choice for this type of project.

Here you can see the Think - Say - Do Book:

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Cultural Business Guide

Through the project a short course was developed with 7 steps to help participants develop their cultural skills into business potential. In other words, switching their mindset and giving them tools to earn money from their ideas and potential

Cultural Business Guide